Emergency Protest – CLOSE MANUS! CLOSE NAURU! – STOP ATTACKS ON ASYLUM SEEKERS! Fri Feb 21, 12.30pm State Library


* independent inquiry now
* end the secrecy, let journalists in

Speakers: Pamela Curr – Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
Mohammad Baqiri – Refugee detained on Nauru under John Howard
more speakers TBA
open mic at Immigration Dept

We will march to Immigration Department and have a symbolic sit down out the front of the Department.

There will be a stall in the Bourke St Mall (Swanston St end) 5pm this Thursday to hand out flyers to help build Friday’s protest

For those who can’t make this rally because of work, we have called a FOLLOW UP PROTEST for SATURDAY 1st MARCH 1pm State Library.

The Refugee Action Collective Protest against Navy Tow Backs this Friday has been turned into an emergency protest against the killing of one asylum seeker and the shooting of another on Manus Island. The man died from head injuries, possibly from being bashed with rocks. 13 others are seriously injured, including one with a basal skull fracture.

This was not simply an ‘incident’, ‘riot’ or ‘break out’ as the media and Scott Morrison have portrayed. In response to ongoing legitimate protests for processing of asylum claims to begin since Jan 25 on Manus Island, reprisals against asylum seekers have been allowed to take place. Guards vacated the compound and ‘locals’* and police were allowed to go on a rampage against asylum seekers, with machetes and guns. Asylum seekers on Manus Island have been protesting since January 25 for processing to take place. This is blood on Morrison and Abbott’s hands, they are responsible for the safety of asylum seekers they imprison on Manus Island.

Call Chris 0403 013 183 or Lucy 0404 728 104 for more info

* some reports are starting to come in that the people asylum seekers called ‘locals’ may be PNG G4S workers

Transcripts of calls from Manus Island to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre during the attacks are available here http://www.asrc.org.au/2014/02/18/draft-transcript-of-phone-messages-received-from-aslyum-seekers-at-manus-island-detention-centre/

Interview with Refugee Advocate Ian Rintoul