Stop Abbott’s first refugee deportation to Afghanistan

Snap Action tomorrow, Tuesday 4th February, 12:30pm, at Liberal Party Headquarters, 104 Exhibition Street Melbourne

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison is preparing to deport a Hazara asylum seeker from detention in Villawood NSW to Afghanistan this Tuesday night. If successful, this will be the first forced deportation to Afghanistan since Howard. This deportation may well smooth the way for Morrison to deport more Hazara asylum seekers to Afghanistan.

The 65 year-old Hazara man is scheduled to be returned to Kabul even though he has not lived in Afghanistan since 1986 and his wife and 10 children are living in Quetta in Pakistan.

The Refugee Review Tribunal accepted that ‘it will not be safe’ for him to live in his home province of Khas Uruzgan, but asserts that he can relocate and live in Kabul. But he has had no connection with Afghanistan for 37 years. The man has no family; no connections; no money and no possibility of surviving in Kabul.

Kabul is not safe. The security situation has deteriorated badly since the RRT decision in 2012. Rocket attacks hit Kabul last December and deadly Taliban bombings rocked Kabul in January this year. A Shia mosque was targeted in September 2013. In 2002, when the Howard Government sent back a large group of Afghanis,Phil Gelndenning from the Edmund Rice centre found that at least nine were killed.

This Hazara man is the victim of the same ‘relocation’ argument’ used to initially reject Fawad Ahmad, the spin bowler. In the Fawad case, the argument was overturned by then-Immigration Minister Chris Bowen, whose actions were supported by the Liberal Opposition. The relocation argument is a travesty yet it is routinely used by some members of the Refugee Review Tribunal to administratively deny refugee status to people who are found to be in need of protection.

Join our protest to stop his deportation, and demand a stop to any forced deportations to Afghanistan.

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