Palm Sunday March for Refugees – Initial Organising Meeting Invitation

Initial organising meeting for a Palm Sunday Refugee March & Rally

Jan 20 – 6.30pm ANF House 540 Elizabeth St –

Make sure your organisation is represented.

Initiated by RAC & RAN

contact Chris  0403 013 183 or Marie 0409 282 673 for more info

The Abbott government has made “Stopping the boats” central to the political success or failure of the Coalition, and is already facing difficulties. Labor and the Greens combined to reject TPV’s in the Senate; Indonesia has stopped cooperation with Australia on aslym policy; Immigration Minister Scott Morrision has resorted to restricting comment and refusing to give out information. Fifty percent in a Neilsen poll disapprove of Abbott’s handling of refugee issues. The Gonski backflip also demonstrates that the Abbott government is susceptible to political pressure.
We have a real opportunity to push Abbott back further on refugees, and win a more humane policy. In order to do that we need to keep up the momentum.

To that end we are aiming to have a mass mobilisation for refugee rights on Palm Sunday, 13 April, 2014

Palm Sunday has a history of mass mobilisations for peace. One hundred thousand marched against nukes and uranium mining in 1982; in 1986 Palm Sunday drew 250,000 around Australia (and wharfies boycotted nuclear warships) and on Palm Sunday 2003, 25,000 marched against the war in Iraq in Melbourne. We want to make Palm Sunday 2014 a mass mobilisation for refugees.

We have had an enthusiastic response to the idea so far, and there are moves afoot interstate to organise similar rallies, so it could become a national day of action.

We are calling an open organising meeting and asking a respresentative or representatives from your organisation to attend – the first organising meeting will be on Monday January 20 at 6.30pm at the ANF office 540 Elizabeth St Melbourne just north of the Vic Markets. At this meeting we will be aiming to discuss demands and messaging, time, place and possible route, and work needed to build the march as big as possible.


Please send an RSVP to

Chris  0403 013 183

or Marie 0409 282 673