Media release – Dec 3, 2013 – TPV Senate vote is victory for refugees – permanent processing must begin

TPV Senate vote is victory for refugees  – permanent processing must begin


In a win for refugees, the Labor has backed a Greens motion to disallow Temporary Protection Visas (TPV’s).  


“TPVs are cruel and unnecessary punishment for seeking asylum, they leave refugees in limbo, making it hard for them to find work, or establish new lives. TPVs allow no access to family reunion. When TPVs were first introduced under Howard, asylum seekers families were left with no way to reunite other than by boat. The 353 people who died in the SIEV X tragedy were mostly women and children, as a result of Howard’s TPVs” said Chris Breen for the Refugee Action Collective


“Stopping TPVs will make a real difference to people’s lives.”


“The Senate vote is a tribute to the efforts of the refugee rights movement, and strengthens hope that we can force the Coalition back on offshore processing, and mandatory detention.”


“We welcome Labor’s professed concern for women and children, but if they were really concerned for families they would end their support for processing families on the hell hole of Nauru, and abandon support for offshore processing “


“The Senate vote coming hot on the heels of Indonesia’s decision to stop cooperating with Australia on asylum policy, the Nielsen poll showing 50% of voters disapprove of Coalition asylum seeker policy, and the Gonski back flip, is evidence of an Abbott government in disarray unable to implement its cruel and unworkable policies.” said Breen


Despite the vote, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said in a statement that asylum seekers “…will not be getting permanent protection visas from the Coalition. The government will be making further announcements on this matter to confirm the denial of permanent residency..”.


Breen continued “This is the hallmark of a mean and tricky government. To further delay processing would be needlessly cruel. The Refugee Action Collective calls on the government to end the uncertainty for asylum seekers already waiting well over a year, and demands that fair permanent processing of all asylum seeker claims commence immediately.”

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