Emergency Protest – Don’t send baby Ferouz and mother Latifa back to Nauru‏

1pm, Sat 30th November – Corner of Bourke & Swanston st

Newborn baby Ferouz and his family face the threat of being returned to Nauru. “When she is in a fit state to return to Nauru then that’s what will occur” said Immigration minister Scott Morrison. 

The Nauru detention center and its extreme heat, is not a fit place for an adult, let alone a new born baby and other children. Latifa said “We don’t think the kids going to survive if they’re returned there, even seven-year-old and four-year-old there we are always crying and they don’t eat the food and they find very difficult”.

Latifa also has diabetes, and is recovering from a Caesarean operation. Early separation from her child has impacted on Ferouz ability to breastfeed and he will rely on sterile bottles in Nauru. The Nauru detention centre does not have adequate conditions for proper sterilisation.

Join this protest to demand all families and children are brought back from the island, as the first step to closing detention on Nauru completely.
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Call Lucy 0404 728 104 or Amanda 0423 013 245 for more info