Statement from Crossing Borders on Asylum Seeker Policy

RAC received this statement outlining a campaign launched by the Victorian chapter of Crossing Borders, a national project of the Australian Medical Students Organisation. Seven hundred and fifty medical students across Monash, Melbourne and Deakin universities signed the statement voicing opposition to the indefinite detention of recognised refugees who are given adverse security assessments by ASIO.

Shaday Wheatley, Advocacy Officer at Crossing Borders notes: “The profound effects of detention of on the health of refugees and asylum seekers have long been established – an effect that increases exponentially the longer a person is in detention. A policy that keeps refugees, including children less than 10 years of age, in detention indefinitely is in direct violation of Australia‚Äôs commitment to the UN Refugee Convention and reflects an alarming trend away from policies that mitigate negative health outcomes for refugees and asylum seekers. The medical students of Victoria feel it is our professional responsibility to add our voices to the chorus that is condemning the health consequences of this policy.”

Crossing Borders Statement on refugee policy