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RAC 2013 election forum: How can we stop the race to the bottom on refugee policy?

6:30pm Wednesday, August 21, 2013

506 Elizabeth St, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000
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The 2013 federal election sees Abbott and Rudd competing over who can kick refugees the hardest. Rudd wants to dump asylum seekers on PNG, Abbott wants a military response. Rudd’s lurch to the right hasn’t ‘neutralised’ Abbott, it just pushes the debate further right still. How can we ditch failed Howard era policies and stop the scapegoating? How can we rebuild the refugee movement to win humane refugee policy? Come & discuss with candidates for the federal seat of Melbourne

Speakers include:
Margarita Windisch – Socialist Alliance
Anthony Main -Socialist Party
Mohammed Ali Baqiri – refugee detained on Nauru as a child
Chris Breen – Refugee Action Collective for more info call Chris on 0403 013 183 or Rose on 0414 959 427 or visit