Call out for messages of support to hunger strikers

Refugees in the Broadmeadows Detention Centre, MITA (Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation) are currently on hunger strike in a desperate attempt for people to recognise their humanity and to ask the government for their immediate release. Beginning as a hunger strike of 28, some of them have been taken to hospital, fainted and have said they are prepared to die.

These refugees represent more than 50 refugees that are in limbo, stuck in the Broadmeadows Detention Centre indefinitely. They are part of a growing group of forgotten refugees rejected by ASIO. They have been recognised as refugees, with a “well found fear of persecution” as the convention states and cannot be returned to the countries they have fled but ASIO have given them negative security clearances, for reasons unbeknown to them and so the government refuses to release them. They are stuck in the abhorrent conditions of mandatory detention in Australia, conditions that drive people to mental health problems, self-harm and suicide.

The refugees and the Refugee Action Collective are demanding that their humanity be recognised, that they are released into the community before their hunger strike ends with them dying.

There is currently an ongoing vigil outside MITA, on 150 Camp Road, Broadmeadows. Please support the vigil in any way you can by visiting, sending supplies or sending us a statement of support and solidarity.

We are putting a call out for individuals or organisations to email in messages of support and solidarity to help put pressure on the government and gather further support. Please email Trevor Grant at and CC Liz Walsh on and we can begin to send the statements to the refugees inside as well as put them up on the website and Facebook page.