Candlelight vigil in solidarity hunger strikers on Nauru

Organised by the Refugee Advocacy Network

Friday, November 30 @ 7pm / City Square, corner of Swanston and Collins Streets, Melbourne

The Australian government has dumped asylum seekers on Nauru in intolerable conditions, but they are the responsibility of Australia, not Nauru.

Omid an Iranian man has been on hunger strike for over 30 days now, 6 others continue the hunger strike with him (other asylum seekers have ended their hunger strike, but continue their protest), their demands are to be brought to Australia and to start processing their asylum claims immediately.

We have organised this candlelight vigil in support of their demands. In their own words:

We have seen four asylum seekers that have made imaginary graves for themselves because of losing their mental health. The purpose of the hunger strike is not to give us facilities here in Nauru Hell; we want to be shifted from this Hell Hole to Australia and our cases should be started immediately.

In this modern period no body would keep a domestic animal in tent at
a temperature of 42 Celsius for a day but unfortunately human beings are living in Nauru Hell in such bad conditions.

In short period we have seen asylum seekers attempting suicide,
self-harming, becoming mentally disturbed, stressed, as well as
protests and hunger strikes. So what will be result in the future?

We request to the government and people of Australia save our lives and future.

Asylum seeker in Nauru