Sep 22 – Protest at Maribyrnong Detention Centre! Stop Deportations to Danger!

1:00pm Saturday September 22nd
Marbyrnong Detention Centre, Hampstead Rd

Catch 82 tram.

Stop Deportations to Danger!
End Mandatory Detention!
No to offshore processing

On July 25, Dayan Anthony, a Tamil refugee, was deported to Sri Lanka against his will from the Maribyrnong Detention Centre. On arrival, the Sri Lankan intelligence service who interrogated him for 16 hours. He and his family now live in fear of their lives. In Sri Lanka, people are being disappeared by the government at the rate of one every five days, mostly Tamils.

A Hazara man from Afghanistan, at the moment detained in Maribyrnong, was taken from the community and is facing deportation on September 23. In Afghanistan, Hazara people are marked for death because of their ethnicity and religion by militias on all sides of that country’s conflict. In neighbouring Pakistan, Human Rights Watch report “Hazaras are being targeted as part of a broader exercise in targeting all Pakistani Shias, but it is equally true that the Hazara suffer from double jeopardy – being ethnically distinct in addition to being Shia.”

The High Court’s September 7 ruling has left about 280 Tamil and Hazara refugees in danger of immediate deportation. Many of these refugees will be deported from Maribyrnong and other high security detention camps around the country. The refugee movement in Australia needs to step up our action to stop future forced deportations to danger.

At the same time, transportation of refugees to isolated concentration camps on Nauru and Manus Island is resuming. Australia’s new bipartisan “no advantage” policy is based on deterring refugees by abusing their rights should they make it here.

Join the Refugee Action Collective Victoria to demand an end to deportations to danger and offshore processing! Let the refugees into Australia! Let them stay!

For more information call Liz W 0405 736 265 or Sue B 0413 377 978