Protest Against Offshore Processing of Refugees

Sunday, August 12 @ 1pm / State Library, Swanston Street, Melbourne

Welcome refugees! Not Malaysia, not Nauru!
Guaranteed resettlement of all refugees in Indonesia!

Both major parties have cynically attempted to use the recent boat sinking tragedies that claimed the lives of around 90 refugees off the coast of Christmas Island to solidify offshore processing as part of Australia’s asylum policy. This is about strengthening a refugee policy that seeks to deter refugees and turn them back, rather than help them. If you reject the inhumane and unjust treatment of asylum seekers, which includes the mandatory detention of thousands of innocent people, then join the Refugee Action Collective (Victoria) in protesting against these attempts to establish offshore processing. Stand up for human rights, free the refugees!

Protest called by the Refugee Action Collective (Victoria)
For more info contact Declan on 0400 863 038