Why are you marching on World Refugee Day?

Why are you marching on World Refugee Day? Is it because 20 years of mandatory detention has been 20 years too long? Because you are sick of hearing about another suicide, suicide attempt or act of self-harm inside detention? Because you believe refugees have a basic human right to seek asylum? Because children being locked in prisons is unconscionable?

Whatever your reason, we want to hear it. We are asking people and organisations to record video messages on why they are marching on World Refugee Day this year. You can do it on your phone or webcam pretty easily and upload it to YouTube. Or you can be a bit more creative. Send the links to racvicmedia@gmail.com, make sure you include “I am marching on World Refugee Day because…” somewhere in the video and we will compile them.

World Refugee Day is on June 17, 12 noon on the steps of Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne. It has been called by the Refugee Advocacy Network, and endorsed by the Refugee Action Collective among other organisations.

Here’s an example we did ourselves: