Free Ali Abbas! Protest in support of court case against ASIO

Due to Ali Abbas being moved to Adelaide, this event has been cancelled. Please see media release.

Monday, 23rd January from 9.30am
Federal Court of Australia, 305 William Street (corner of La Trobe Street), Melbourne

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Ali Abbas, a Bedouin refugee from Kuwait, will have his plea for freedom heard on Monday morning in front of the Federal court. 18-years-old, he arrived in Australia when he was 16, and despite his refugee status being recognised, he remains in detention because ASIO have deemed him an “adverse security risk” without having to provide the reasons for this assessment.

Abbas, like more than 50 other refugees, remain stuck in detention, not able to be deported back to the countries they fled from because they are refugees and have fled persecution or death, but they cannot be released for reasons ASIO won’t tell us. How a person such as Ali, who arrived here a minor, is a security threat is beyond comprehension to anyone with a compassionate bone in their body.

The Refugee Action Collective (Victoria) will be holding a protest outside the Federal Court on the morning of Ali’s court case to show our support. And we urge others to join us, in a bid for the freedom of Ali and all the other refugees stuck because of the punitive policies of ASIO and the Australian government.