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Archives January 2012

Rally: Stop the deportation of Afghan Hazara asylum seeker Ismail Mirza Jan

Tuesday, February 7, 5.30pm. Bourke Street Mall (corner of Swanston Street), Melbourne.

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The Australian government is currently attempting to deport Afghan Hazara asylum seeker, Ismail Mirza Jan, to Afghanistan. Never before has an Afghan national been forcibly removed from Australia to Afghanistan.

This would be a new low in Australia’s refugee policy, with the Labor Government sinking even further than the Howard Government in pursuing deportations to danger. Even high-ranking ministers in the Western-backed Afghan government have questioned Australia’s right to forcibly repatriate Afghan asylum seekers from Australia. If Ismail is deported, this will open the way for the deportation of scores of Afghan, and potentially other, asylum seekers – back to war torn countries, impending danger, or even a death sentence. Two Tamil asylum seekers, Emil and Vithuran, too were only saved from deportation by last minute legal action in December.

Recently Ismail received a temporary reprieve when the Federal Magistrates Court questioned whether he received “procedural fairness” by the Australian government in their attempts to deport him. Ismail’s deportation case will come back to the High Court on February 8. The refugee rights movement, and all those who oppose this move to forced deportations, have a short window of opportunity to build a broad campaign against the forced deportation of Ismail, and the terrible precedent it would provide for further deportations.

Media Release: 18-year-old refugee moved to Adelaide before Federal Court appearance on Monday

Due to Ali Abbas being moved to Adelaide prior to his court case, the prior planned solidarity rally outside the Federal Court in Melbourne has been cancelled.

The Refugee Action Collective (Victoria) condemns the Department of Immigration for moving Ali Abbas to Adelaide prior to his court case challenging ASIO’s adverse security check. Abbas is set to face the Federal Court on Monday morning. He remains his detention despite being given refugee status.

We are concerned about how this affects Ali’s court case, possibly isolating the 18-year-old refugee from his lawyers as well as his support network of fellow detainees and refugee advocates on the outside that are visiting. RAC Victoria had planned to hold a solidarity rally outside the Federal Court on Monday morning. But it is now unclear where the case is being held and whether Abbas will be present.

“I have been visiting Ali Abbas for 3 months and before that, for 6 months. Ali has been moved over 6 times. This is outrageous. He had been asking to be transferred to Darwin for ages as there are children there. Why did they move him now or why did they move him to MITA [Broadmeadows] or Adelaide? This is just adding to his mental state. How much more can we torture this child? We demand his freedom now,” said Daniella from the Refugee Action Collective.

Free Ali Abbas! Protest in support of court case against ASIO

Due to Ali Abbas being moved to Adelaide, this event has been cancelled. Please see media release.

Monday, 23rd January from 9.30am
Federal Court of Australia, 305 William Street (corner of La Trobe Street), Melbourne

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Ali Abbas, a Bedouin refugee from Kuwait, will have his plea for freedom heard on Monday morning in front of the Federal court. 18-years-old, he arrived in Australia when he was 16, and despite his refugee status being recognised, he remains in detention because ASIO have deemed him an “adverse security risk” without having to provide the reasons for this assessment.

Abbas, like more than 50 other refugees, remain stuck in detention, not able to be deported back to the countries they fled from because they are refugees and have fled persecution or death, but they cannot be released for reasons ASIO won’t tell us. How a person such as Ali, who arrived here a minor, is a security threat is beyond comprehension to anyone with a compassionate bone in their body.

The Refugee Action Collective (Victoria) will be holding a protest outside the Federal Court on the morning of Ali’s court case to show our support. And we urge others to join us, in a bid for the freedom of Ali and all the other refugees stuck because of the punitive policies of ASIO and the Australian government.