Emergency protest! Stop the Malaysia deal! Let the refugees into Australia!





22 August · 12:30

Department of Immigration (Casselden Place, 2 Lonsdale Street CBD)


The High Court will begin their proceedings into the Governments so-called Malaysia ‘Solution’ on August 22nd and we have to let the government know how we feel about it!

We don’t want a Malaysia solution OR a Nauru solution!

We want to let the Refugees in!

Let’s get some media attention and all come together wearing RED!
A red t-shirt would be ideal.

Why red? Because we are PASSIONATE about our cause, we are ANGRY about the governments actions and we want to show SOLIDARITY to those faced with possible deportation to Malaysia!

Organised by the Refugee Action Collective Victoria

For more information contact Naomi Farmer 0419 355 511 or Sue Bolton 0413 377 978