Media Release: Boys sew their lips at Broadmeadows Detention Centre

Press Release of boys sewing lips at MITA (Broadmeadows Detention Centre): Three unaccompanied minors protest over weekend of 23rd July 2011.

On the afternoon of Sunday 24th of August, The Refugee Action Collective received distressing images and news of 3 boys sewing their lips together at the Broadmeadows Detention Centre. When trying to visit these boys Serco officers would not comment on whether the boys had received medical help. All three boys are unaccompanied minors from Kuwait, Iran and Iraq. They have been unlawfully detained for up to 11 months. They are desperate and need immediate medical care and support. We demand Serco to release information on the condition of the boys immediately.

“This news of self mutilation was very hard to see and hear. It just shows how inhumane Australia’s refugee policy is. These are children that have already gone through enough in their homeland and getting here. They are already traumatised and we are destroying them even more by locking them up indefinitely without knowing when they will be released. They are incredibly desperate which is clearly reflected in these actions” Refugee Action Collective and regular visitor Daniella Olea

“Latest we have heard from the boys this afternoon is that they have seen doctors outside the facility. We are still not able to access information but we believe they have removed stitches ending a 48hr protest. This is one of the many protest we have seen in MITA Broadmeadows so far” Refugee Action Collective and regular visitor Frances Evans.

“Bowen stated in response to last protest at Broadmeadows that MITA would be closed as a detention facility – this needs to happen immediately as every day of delay is doing damage” Refugee Action Collective spokesperson

Contact: Frances Evans 0416037348
Kristalo Hrysicos: 0431923279
Daniella Olea 0404189272
Benjamin Solah: 0402 766 009