Refugee Action Collective (Vic)

What does RAC do?

What does RAC do?
– The following are tactics that Refugee Action Collective employs regularly, but we are always keen to try new actions and tactics- creative suggestions are welcome.

  • Rallies and vigils are called to galvanise the refugee movement around a particular set of demands, and to publicly demonstrate the growing force of our movement. They aim to be broad but also to deepen the political clarity of the movement. They may be organised in conjunction with other Refugee advocates. RAC organises about three major rallies a year.
  • Protests are often called at shorter notice to respond to developments in refugee policy.
  • Speak outs are held to inform the public of the abuses and the current laws that violate the human rights of refugees and those of the general public who speak out against the government’s treatment of Asylum Seekers and Refugees.
  • Stalls (with council permits where necessary) are set up as frequently as possible (usually twice a week) in the city and suburbs for the distribution of leaflets directly relevant to the refugee cause and the selling of merchandise i.e. T-shirts, badges, and stickers. We test out our arguments, collect names on petitions and contact sheets, build momentum for our activities. Stall holders are encouraged to feed back to the collective about the kinds of discussions and arguments that were had.
  • Forums are held regularly to educate supporters and the public and to debate elements of refugee policy. They are key to convincing people to be involved in fighting for refugee rights.
  • Networking and supporting other refugee groups. This includes the following:
    • Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, unions, the Greens, Labor for Refugees, Friends of MITA, Refugee Action Network, Amnesty, Catholic Refugee Task Force, Grandmothers Against the detention of refugee children.
  • Submissions to Government and other bodies (e.g. the International Criminal Court)
  • Speakers invited to speak at RAC public events usually donate their time without charge. A donation bucket is circulated at these events; all proceeds are counted, recorded in the minutes at the following RAC meeting and banked by the Treasurer.