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Stop Abbott, not the boats – Rally to Let the Refugees In! 1pm Sat Sept 21 State Library

Stop Abbott, not the boats – Rally to Let the Refugees In! 1pm Sat Sept 21 State Library

RAC Rally 21 Sept – Flyer – version 11 Sept(3)

Stop Abbott – not the boats

Seeking asylum is a human right


• Stop the PNG Deal – no offshore processing
• Permanent residency not TPV’s
• Welcome refugees – Don’t turn back boats
• End mandatory detention – Stop deportations

endorsed by

• Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
• Brigidine Asylum Seeker Project
• Ballarat ARA Circle of Friends
• Crossing Borders
• Textile Clothing And Footwear Union of Australia
• Kommonground
• Humanitarian Crisis Hub


For more information contact Chris 0403 013 183 or Liz 0405 736 265


Vote with your feet —campaign for refugee rights!

Vote with your feet —campaign for refugee rights!


Help the Refugee Action Collective hand out the following Election leaflet (double sided with our Post election rally on Sept 21) on election day, or before hand at our Live Wire speak out- email to put yourself on the roster

Vote with your feet —campaign for refugee rights!

Whilst no-one who supports refugees should want an Abbott government, as the election approaches, both major parties remain locked in a racist race to the bottom. Kevin Rudd’s disgraceful plan to deny any refugee boat arrivals resettle-ment in Australia, by dumping them on PNG, represents a new low. Not to be
outdone, Tony Abbott has recently retaliated by announcing that asylum seekers who have already arrived in Australia by boat (around 32,000 people) will never get permanent settlement and will be stripped of the right to appeal to the courts.

The Greens, and some principled smaller parties and candidates, have rightly stood against the bipartisan pressure to support offshore detention. The Greens have defended refugee rights in parliament, however, it was grassroots activism under the Howard government that shifted public opinion and forced him to make concessions over his detention regime. We need to do this again!
Get active in the Refugee Action Collective:
Meetings 6:30pm every Monday at the ANF House, 540 Elizabeth St, Melb. Post-Election Strategy Meeting: 6.30pm Mon Sept 9, ANF House.
Get active in your community:
Help set up a suburban, school or workplace group; hold local stalls; organise meetings. RAC can help with refugee and campaign speakers, materials and ideas!
Get active in your workplace:
Carry this resolution at a union/workplace meeting: “We condemn the PNG ‘solution‘ and call for all asylum boat arrivals to be processed and resettled in Australia. Over 90% of boat arrivals are found to be genuine refugees. We call on our state and federal union organisations and the ACTU to oppose the PNG ‘solution’, actively promote refugee rallies to members and ban any work associated with construction of offshore detention centres”

1pm Sat Aug 24 Mass Citywide Rally, State Library – Tell Rudd, Tell Abbott – NO PNG ‘Solution’ – Let the Refugees In!

1pm Sat Aug 24 Mass Citywide Rally, State Library – Tell Rudd, Tell Abbott – NO PNG ‘Solution’ – Let the Refugees In!

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1pm Sat Aug 24

State Library corner Latrobe and Swanston Sts Melbourne

download colour poster to print

download black & white poster to print

Rudd’s  plan to shut out asylum seekers backed whole heartedly by Tony Abbott, is the logical conclusion of the ‘Pacific Solution’ begun by the Howard government. It is an attempt to create a Fortress Australia, to shut the door to anyone arriving by boat.

That a Labor government would be so brutal has mobilised thousands of pro-refugee supporters across Australia. Labor’s deal with PNG, the Refugee Resettlement Arrangement is already looking shaky – it’s not a legal agreement (though almost certainly in breach of Australian law), it only says that asylum seekers are “liable” to be sent,  the proposed mega-detention centre for 3000 won’t be built in the next year because of logistical difficulties and arguments amongst vested interests about who will profit from it – all this makes it vulnerable to a concerted campaign.

Rudd’s plan can be beaten, we will need to keep up the fight both before and after the election. Our next major pre-election rally is planned for August 24 – download the poster, put it up in your workplace, uni, school, or home – help get the word out – Stop the PNG ‘solution’ – Stop the Scapegoating – Let the Refugees In!