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11AM – 1PM

Join Refugee Action Collective to discuss the strategies we need to win an end to Australia’s refugee brutality.
The Manus catastrophe has brought into focus Australian refugee brutality, and tens of thousands of people across Australia have protested. Unions, community groups, prominent individuals, Greens and ALP members have been calling on the government to “Bring Them Here”. Dutton presents as relentlessly and remorselessly cruel, but domestic and international pressure against him is mounting. The polls show that there is a decent chance Labor will win in 2018, this makes the task of breaking Labor refugee policy an urgent one.
If you are interested in getting involved in Refugee Action Collective in 2018, come along.
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2PM – 5PM
The recent siege on the Manus Island detention centre has exposed yet again the cruelty and callousness of Australia’s refugee policy. For 23 days the refugees and asylum seekers imprisoned on Manus Island peacefully resisted the government’s efforts to move them to new prisons, that were incomplete and inadequate. Eventually the government broke the siege, beating the men with metal poles and forcing them onto buses.

The siege may have ended but the humanitarian crisis on Manus Island and Nauru has not. The new facilities on Manus have no reliable power or electricity. The men do not have decent access to medical and psychiatric help. There is still no safety, security, permanent resettlement or freedom.

Malcolm Turnbull has made much of his support for marriage equality but many of the refugees held on Manus and Nauru are LGBTIQ. There are approximately 30-40 gay men on Manus. Having fled persecution in their home countries they now find themselves languishing in horrific conditions at the hands of Turnbull and Peter Dutton. Under the PNG criminal code, gay sex is illegal on Manus Island punishable by up to 14 years jail; gay refugees live in constant fear of persecution.

Despite the hardship they face, many of the refugees on Manus Island have been vocal about their support for marriage equality in Australia. Behrouz Boochani, a Kurdish journalist and political refugee tweeted at the beginning of the postal survey ‘from Manus prison camp, I vote yes’.

The No Pride in Detention contingent at the Pride March is an opportunity for the LGBTIQ community to show solidarity with the refugees and asylum seekers in offshore detention. We will be demanding that Malcolm Turnbull close the camps on Manus and Nauru and bring the refugees here to safety. We call on Bill Shorten to end the bipartisan support for offshore detention. This year, Shorten has been vocal in his support for marriage equality, now its time to say yes to refugees’.

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10 August · 18:00 – 19:30

Bourke Street Mall Swanston Street

Melbourne, Australia

The first boatload of asylum seekers, including 14 unaccompanied minors, is set to be deported to Malaysia, a country with an even worse human rights record than Australia. Prime Minister Gillard has stated that the Australian Federal Police will use force to deport these innocent people. This group of asylum seekers is being used as pawns in a political game.

The government needs to be reminded that seeking asylum is not illegal. No-one chooses to be a refugee. War, tyranny and torture are the situations that force people to seek asylum.

The Labor government has faced many criticism from refugee advocates, lawyers and Labor Party members about this outrageous policy. The government claims to have guarantees that the 800 refugees who will be deported to Malaysia will have access to health, education and work, unlike other refugees in Malaysia. These guarantees aren’t worth anything because refugee advocates won’t be able to trace these refugees to ensure that the guarantees are met.

The Refugee Action Collecive says that “Swapping refugees does not change anything. It just puts more lives at risk. We should process asylum seekers in Australia, in the community and not in detention centres. It’s not too late to stop the Malaysia deal. Bad deals can always be broken. All we need is enough people and organisations to speak out against the Malaysia refugee swap deal.

With Guest Speaker Adam Bandt Federal Greens MP for Melbourne

July 29 Protest: Malaysia refugee swap deal inhumane


Malaysia refugee swap deal inhumane
Refugee groups in Malaysia are also protesting against this inhumane refugee swap deal.
We can’t let the Australian government to get away with this people trafficking deal.
Asylum seekers need to have their claims processed in Australia.
Come and show your opposition to the Malaysia deal.

Friday 29 July
Outside Dept of Immigration
Casselden Place
cnr Lonsdale Street & Spring St, city

Organised by Refugee Action Collective.
Supported by Refugee Advocacy Network
For information: 0413 377 978, 0402 262 753

Dec 4 – Melbourne refugee activists: get to Sydney to protest at ALP conference

Protest for refugee rights at the ALP conference in Sydney
Sunday December 4, 2011

The Victorian Refugee Action Collective has escalated its campaign this year, protesting in the streets of Melbourne, at SERCO offices, and outside the detention centres in Broadmeadows and Maribyrnong. Now we are asking refugee supporters to step it up a notch and join us and other activists from around the country in a protest outside the ALP National Conference in Sydney this December, where a rally has been called by Sydney RAC. More