Refugee Action Collective (Vic)

Sep 22 – Protest at Maribyrnong Detention Centre! Stop Deportations to Danger!

1:00pm Saturday September 22nd Marbyrnong Detention Centre, Hampstead Rd Catch 82 tram. Stop Deportations to Danger! End Mandatory Detention! No to offshore processing On July 25, Dayan Anthony, a Tamil refugee, was deported to Sri Lanka against his will from the Maribyrnong Detention Centre. On arrival, the Sri Lankan intelligence service who interrogated him for(…)

Media Release: Refugee left in limbo attempts suicide in MITA

A Kurdish refugee in his mid-30s attempted suicide at approximately 6.00am at the Melbourne Immigration Transit accommodation centre. He was unsuccessful as he was stopped by his friends and SERCO guards. Fearing for his mental health, SERCO and police officers sent him to a hospital at approximately 6.30am. This attempted suicide is the result of(…)

Boat Tragedies and People Smugglers: the true cost of deterrence

7.45 pm, Wednesday 22 August, Brunswick Library Speakers: Tony Kevin: Author of new book Reluctant Rescuers on ‘border protection’ and A Certain Maritime Incident on SIEV X Robin de Crespigny: Author of The People Smuggler: The Oskar Schindler of Asia As the federal parliament debates the best method to repel refugees, authors Robin de Crespigny(…)