Refugee Action Collective (Vic)

Media Release: Government to blame for asylum seeker lives lost at sea

The possible loss of lives of nearly 100 asylum seekers feared drowned at sea between Australia and Indonesia was entirely preventable. The Refugee Action Collective places the blame for these lives lost with the Australian government and demands people smuggling is decriminalised to prevent any further loss of life. “Refugees are some of the world’s(…)

Melbourne marches on World Refugee Day to end mandatory detention

Sunday’s rally saw over a thousand refugee activists and supporters rally outside the State Parliament on World Refugee, as part of nation-wide protests on the 20th anniversary of mandatory detention, a policy introduced in 1992. It was a lively rally that the Refugee Action Collective were part of building with the Refugee Advocacy Network. The(…)

Media Release: Abdul Khadem – the real story

Contrary to media reports, and the picture painted by the Four Corners program, Abu Ali Al Kuwaiti (also known as Abdul Khadem) and his family were victims of Howard and Ruddock’s shameful mistreatment of asylum seekers. “It is impossible to understand the real story of Abdul Khadem unless you understand the shocking story of the(…)