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Media Release: Tamil refugee from the Oceanic Viking attempts suicide overnight 0

For immediate release: Tamil refugee from the Oceanic Viking attempts suicide overnight A Tamil man who was on the Oceanic Viking has attempted suicide in Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation in Broadmeadows overnight. Jasee is the third Tamil with a negative ASIO security clearance to try and take his own life this month. Tamils in this(…)

Media Release: Negative ASIO Tamil Refugee attempts suicide – second in one month 0

Fellow detainees rescued a Tamil refugee who had attempted suicide by hanging from a roof beam at Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation centre at 1.30 am this (Friday) morning. The Tamil refugee, the first Tamil to receive a negative ASIO finding had been in detention for 37 months. He was taken to hospital by ambulance, unconscious(…)

Media Release: RAC condemns Rob Oakeshott’s push for offshore processing of asylum seekers 1

Independent MP Rob Oakeshott is attempting to get legislation through parliament that will allow asylum seekers to be sent to third countries for processing. Oakeshott has called on both major parties to support his bill. The Refugee Action Collective has condemned Oakeshott’s bill as being anti-humanitarian and an attempt to circumvent the High Court ruling(…)

Media Release: Man stitches his lips in Broadmeadows Detention Centre

As tensions once again rise at MITA (Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation) in Broadmeadows, an Iranian man, aged 28, stitched his lips up this morning (Monday) as a sign of desperation. He has been detained for 11 months. His friend told Serco and medical staff that he was concerned about his friend and warned them. Serco(…)

Media Release: 18-year-old refugee moved to Adelaide before Federal Court appearance on Monday 1

Due to Ali Abbas being moved to Adelaide prior to his court case, the prior planned solidarity rally outside the Federal Court in Melbourne has been cancelled. The Refugee Action Collective (Victoria) condemns the Department of Immigration for moving Ali Abbas to Adelaide prior to his court case challenging ASIO’s adverse security check. Abbas is(…)

Media Release: 3 more refugees join hunger strike 1

3 more detainees inside Broadmeadows Detention Centre have joined a hunger strike, bringing the number to 5. “This is the desperation refugees have to go to to be heard. They feel like they are being ignored. Some are still waiting, sometimes over a year, for security checks. They are incredibly frustrated. If they’re accepted as(…)