Refugee Action Collective (Vic)

Past Actions

Melbourne marches on World Refugee Day to end mandatory detention 1

Sunday’s rally saw over a thousand refugee activists and supporters rally outside the State Parliament on World Refugee, as part of nation-wide protests on the 20th anniversary of mandatory detention, a policy introduced in 1992. It was a lively rally that the Refugee Action Collective were part of building with the Refugee Advocacy Network. The(…)

Refugee activists in WA protest outside Leonora detention centre 0

Refugee Rights Action Network organised a protest convergence to Leonora Detention Centre over the weekend of the 28th to the 29th of January where they uncovered children who have been in detention for over a year despite Bowen’s promise last year to release all children by June. From the RRAN website: Around 40 refugee supporters(…)

From 2011, on to 2012 and to end 20 years of mandatory detention

From 2011, on to 2012 and to end 20 years of mandatory detention 0

2011 was an incredible year for the Refugee Action Collective, with the continuation of mandatory detention, the arrival of policies such as the Malaysian so-called “solution” and the possibility of deportations, refugee activists in Melbourne held protests, actions, vigils and speak outs outside detention centres, on the streets, outside immigration departments, the Labor party’s office(…)