4:30pm Dec 19 | Save Hakeem Urgent Protest

When: 4:30pm 19th December 2018

Where: Australian Federal Police, 383 LaTrobe St, West Melbourne, VIC

Facebook event here

Bahraini refugee Hakeem Al-Araibi, a permanent Australian resident living in Melbourne, is being held in Thailand and faces deportation back to the threat of torture in Bahrian. He fled Bahrain because of persecution and torture due to his peaceful involvement in protest against the ruling family during the Arab Spring of 2011.

Hakeem asked the Australian government if it was safe to travel to Thailand, they told him yes. At the same time the Australian Federal Police, who report to Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton informed Thai authorities of an Interpol ‘red notice’. A ‘red notice’ is a form of international arrest warrant.

Not only was the red notice only issue after Bahrain found out about Hakeem’s travel plans, not only is there footage of him playing soccer at the exact time he was accused of vandalising a police station, but Interpol is not allowed to subject refugees to red notices from the country from which they fled persecution.

Join us to protest the AFP decision to alert Thai authorities to the politically motivated bogus red notice. Join us to demand answers to the questions the AFP and the department of Home Affairs refuse to answer about the sequence of events and who was responsble.

Join the protest to demand Thai authorities release Hakeem.

Join the protest to demand the Australian government redouble its efforts to call for Hakeem’s release.


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Call your local MP

Call Chris 0403 013 183 for more info


2:30pm Tues Nov 20 | RAC contingent at Teachers Walk off for Nauru & Manus

When: 2:30-4:30pm, Tuesday 20th November 2018

Where: State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St, Melbourne

Facebook event here

On Nov 20 contingents of teachers with the backing of their union will be walking off work for #kidsoffalloff, calling to bring all the refugees and asylum seekers on Manus and Nauru here.

The teachers are encouraging non-teachers to participate in solidarity. The Refugee Action Collective will march with them to show our support for this important initiative.

The teachers’ event can be found here

for more info call Lucy from Teachers for Refugees 0404728104