TODAY 5pm Feb 11 | Snap Action: Back the Medical Transfer Bill, No Back-flips

When: 5-6pm, 11th February 2019

Where: State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St, Melbourne

Back the Medical Transfer Bill
Let doctors make medical decisions, not politicians
Close Manus and Nauru
Bring Them Here

Journalists are reporting that Labor is wavering on the medical bill to transfer sick refugees from Nauru or Manus. Labor voted for the bill in the senate, but whether it will vote for it tomorrow in the lower house or try to amend the bill is unclear.

Shorten is said to be giving ground on the Immigration Minister’s power of veto, but the minister already has the power to block evacuations on national security grounds in the current bill.

The Coalition has launched a scare campaign of lies. Morrison has
claimed about sick refugees that “they may be a paedophile, they may be a rapist, they may be a murderer” but has no evidence of this.

The refugees Australia has been holding on Manus and Nauru for more than five years have already been vetted many times over.

Coalition MP Christopher Pyne claimed 1000 people from Manus and Nauru could come here under the legislation — if only that was true!

Hiding behind Pyne’s exaggeration about the scope of the bill for
transfer is the truth that the Coaliton government has damaged the
health of almost all the refugees. It has been responsible for the deaths of 12, and well over half have serious mental heath years after five years of indefinite detention without charge.

They should all be brought here and they pose no threat.

It is the Coalition government that is the threat — to refugees, and all working people in Australia.

We are calling on Opposition leader Bill Shorten not to back down to the Coalition’s scare campaign. Don’t let Morrison off the hook, don’t abandon refugees and asylum seekers on Manus and Nauru.

Labor and all the independents must support the medical transfer bill and reject Morrison’s scaremongering . It is the only way to finally end politicians interfering to prevent refugees getting the medical help they need.

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April 14 | Walk for Justice for Refugees – Palm Sunday 2019

When: 2pm, Sunday 14th April 2019

Where: State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St, Melbourne

Facebook event here

(Organised by the Palm Sunday organising group)

Printable leaflet here
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JOIN THE PALM SUNDAY Walk for Justice for Refugees on Sunday 14 April 2019
– For a Fair and Welcoming Society
– Close Manus & Nauru, Bring Them Here

Join with people from community groups, faith groups, unions, and political organisations on Palm Sunday to stand up for refugees.

In the run up to the federal election join the Palm Sunday Walk for Justice and help deliver the message to all politicians that we want a fair society that welcomes refugees.

It took over five years, but almost all children are now off Nauru. This is a result of the pressure of the refugee movement on the politicians who said they would never come here. Now we need to get everyone off Manus and Nauru.

Australia’s treatment of refugees continues to be inhumane and unjust:
• Over 1000 people on Nauru and Manus are still languishing offshore, with no prospects for permanent resettlement. The US deal will not provide for all of these people – they need to be brought to safety.
• The Australian Government is not offering permanent protection to the children and their families being brought here from Nauru – so their uncertainty continues, and the government is still refusing the New Zealand offer to provide permanent protection. Many of the children and families from Nauru are now held in detention centres here, or in community detention.
• Hundreds of people continue to be held in on-shore detention centres – some for more than 9 years
• Over 16,000 people are still on Bridging visas in the community, with uncertain futures
• The Government is continuing to deport people to danger, and thousands of people live with the threat of deportation. These include the Biloela family, and Huyen who may be indefinitely separated from her young baby, who have now be held in detention for many months
• Young people who have grown up here and have permanent residency are being held in detention, and some have been sent back to countries where they have never lived
• Thousands of people face destitution as the government withdraws income and housing support to vulnerable people, who have difficulty getting full time employment, having been denied the right to work for many years.
Australia must honour its commitments under the Refugee Convention, embrace decency and fairness and provide permanent protection for refugees.
• Seeking asylum is a human right, but people seeking asylum by boat continue to be turned back; and UNHCR recognised refugees stuck in Indonesia for many years without the right to work, education, or health care are currently banned from coming to Australia.

Stand up for a fair and welcoming society by joining the Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees in 2019

Invite your friends, and share through your social media networks.

To endorse the rally email

call Marie Hapke 0409 252 673 or Chris Breen 0403 013 183 or visit for more information

Jan 23 – Solidarity with National Detention Centre Protests


When: 4pm, January 23
Where: Department of Immigration and Border Protection, 2 Lonsdale St, East Melbourne

Facebook event link:


Refugee supporters will rally at the Immigration Dept at Casselden Place in support of detainees participating in the national hunger strike protest.

• End Serco Abuse
• End Detention Centre Torture Now
• From Manus & Nauru to MITA – Close the Camps

The national detention centre hunger strike began on Monday 21 January. Detainees in the Villawood, Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation (BITA) and Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation (MITA) detention centres joined the detainees at Yongah Hill in Western Australia who were then in their eighth day of protest.

Detainees at Villawood, put out the following statement of demands:
We are initiating a peaceful protest from 21 January 2019, in finding a solution to our freedom, we ask the Department of Immigration, and ABF to address the the following breaches of our human
rights, including:
1. Placement and transfer away from family and partners
2. The limbo of many detainees who have no criminal or Migration matters pending
3. Lengthy delays in releasing detainees who have had successful judicial review
4. Use of restraints for relocation and medical transport, this is an unnecessary, humiliating and in many cases, re-traumatising measure, especially when other measures ( up to 4 officers
escorts per person) are in place
5. Use of isolation which the Australian Humann Rights commission says is a ‘ last resort measure’
6. Incident reports to be shared with the detainee if they are to be placed on our files, thereby potentially affecting our legal/ migration matters
7. No avenue for detainees to demonstrate current circumstances in relation, eg Rehabilitation courses
8. Use of long term detention (over 2 years) without relief which is known to cause mental illness
9. Unreasonable delays in returning people who accepts deportation and overstay their visa.
10. No solution for stateless detainees except indefinite detention.
We, along with our partners, children, family and friends are suffering from our indefinite detention and respectfully ask that you give us a second chance and fair go.

call Chris Breen on 0403 013 183 for more info