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Concerns Mount Over Nauru Hospital Conditions: Nauru Doctor Recommends Treatment Offshore 1

Refugee Action Coalition- MEDIA RELEASE- CONCERNS MOUNT OVER NAURU HOSPITAL CONDITIONS NAURU DOCTOR RECOMMENDS TREATMENT OFFSHORE. Refugee advocates continue to urge the Immigration Minister to make immediate arrangements to bring Erfan, the 11 year-old with the broken arm to Australia for urgent surgery. Even the resident doctor at the Nauru hospital now recommends offshore treatment,(…)

11 Year- Old Refugee Boy with Broken Arm on Nauru 0

Refugee Action Coalition MEDIA RELEASE ADVOCATES CALL ON MINISTER TO BRING 11 YEAR-OLD REFUGEE TO AUSTRALIA TO SAVE HIS ARM Refugee advocates are calling for the Immigration Minister to act immediately to bring an 11 year-old Iranian refugee to Australian for an urgent operation to reset his broken arm. The 11 year old broke his(…)

Rescue and Resettle Rohingyan Refugees 1

A protest called by the Refugee Action Collective this Friday May 22, 5.30pm Bourke St Mall will demand that the Australian government  help to rescue up 8000 Rohingyan asylum seekers stranded in the Malacca Straits – where the Australian Navy patrols close by” said Chris Breen for the Refugee Action Collective. The rally will call(…)