5:30pm 10 Dec | Refugee Rights are Human Rights speakout on Human Rights Day

When: 5:30pm-8:30pm 10 December

Where: City Square, 67 Swanston St, Melbourne

city square

On Human Rights Day, join RAC to call for the closure of offshore detention centres on Christmas Island, on Manus Island and Nauru and call for the release of all refugees and their settlement in the community in Australia.

Speakers include:
Mohammad Baqiri – Refugee activist and Afghan refugee
Katie Robertson – Human rights lawyer
Christine Cummins – former worker on Christmas Island
Saideh -Iranian artist, journalist and refugee
Tony Birch – Writer and academic

Organised by the Refugee Action Collective, in conjunction with Researchers Against Pacific Black Sites who will be reading a charge sheet against the government.

5:30pm 12 Nov | Fazel shoudn’t have died: Action to demand no more deaths in detention

When: 5:30pm, Thursday Nov 12

Where: Bourke St Mall, Melbourne

bourke st mall

On Sunday November 8th, tragedy struck once again in Australia’s detention centres. Fazel Chegeni was found dead on Christmas Island after escaping from the detention centre on the Friday evening.
Detainees report that Serco’s guards enforce a ruthless rule of force on Christmas Island, which relies upon confining asylum seekers to solitary confinement, 24-hour surveillance, denial of access to phone and internet, and beatings.
Fazel’s death is the latest consequence of Australia’s cruel ‘border force’ policies, which sees refugees languish for months and years in brutal detention centres.  Fazel himself was suffering the effects of these policies, having attempted suicide multiple times before being locked up in Christmas Island.
The riots that followed Fazel’s death are a consequence of the brutality and despair that refugees, asylum seekers and others endure on Christmas Island.
Fazel was a stateless Kurd, who had already been found to be a refugee, after being locked up in Curtin Detention Centre in 2010.  After being released to community detention in Melbourne Fazel’s visa was revoked as he was charged with an incident in Curtin. The charging, and effective criminalisation, of asylum seekers for incidents within detention centres is a worrying trend, given the brutal treatment within, and dismal conditions of, these camps.
The only solution is for the camps to be closed immediately, and all asylum seekers processed in the Australian community.
Please join us in marking Fazel’s life and death, and the tragedy that is Australia’s cruel refugee policies.

Please bring an origami crane or an origami boat.

Contact Lucy Honan 0404728104 for more details

The facebook event is here


> It is believed that an Iranian Kurdish refugee, Fazel Chegeni, has
> died on Christmas Island.
> The man in his early 30s, escaped from the North West Point detention
> centre 48 hours ago – on Friday 6 November. Detainees had reported
> that Fazel was missing on Friday.
> Detainees in the centre report that police brought the man’s body to
> the detention centre around 9.00am Christmas Island time, this
> morning, Sunday 8 November.
> The circumstances of his death are not known. A resident was woken
> around 4.00am this morning at a house in the Settlement area and the
> man disappeared down a track known as “The Incline”. But it is not
> known whether this incident is related to Fazel at all.
> Fazel arrived in Australian in 2010. He had been found to be a refugee
> when he was in Curtin detention centre, around two and half years ago.
> He was unfairly charged with assault following a fight between
> detainees at the detention centre. He was later released into the
> community in Melbourne for a few months but was re-detained in
> Melbourne even though he was given a good behaviour bond for the
> assault charge.
> He had been in Christmas Island detention for around 10 weeks after
> being transferred from Wickham Point, Darwin. He had recently been
> invited by the Minister to make another protection visa application.
> Christmas Island detention centre has been locked down since this morning.
> At a meeting late this afternoon, detainees were told that Fazel’s
> body was found ‘in the jungle’ and that he had been dead ‘for some
> time’.
> Like so many others, Fazel, was suffering the effects of long-term,
> arbitrary detention. Fazel has attempted suicide when he was in
> Melbourne; again when he was in Brisbane, and then again in Wickham
> Point not long before he was transferred to Christmas Island.
> He had told other detainees on Christmas Island that he could no
> longer stand being in detention and just wanted ‘to go outside’.
> “This is another needless detention death,” said Ian Rintoul,
> spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition, “This time of a refugee
> who should never have been in detention. His mental health problems
> were well known. Detention could only exacerbate those problems.
> “The delay in processing and releasing him is inexcusable. He is a
> victim of the punitive regime detention regime that cares nothing for
> the human rights of asylum seekers and refugees.”
> For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713