Refugee Action Collective (Vic)

2013 Media Releases

Media release – Dec 3, 2013 – TPV Senate vote is victory for refugees – permanent processing must begin

TPV Senate vote is victory for refugees  – permanent processing must begin   In a win for refugees, the Labor has backed a Greens motion to disallow Temporary Protection Visas (TPV’s).     “TPVs are cruel and unnecessary punishment for seeking asylum, they leave refugees in limbo, making it hard for them to find work, or establish(…)

Emergency Protest – Don’t send baby Ferouz and mother Latifa back to Nauru‏

1pm, Sat 30th November – Corner of Bourke & Swanston st Newborn baby Ferouz and his family face the threat of being returned to Nauru. “When she is in a fit state to return to Nauru then that’s what will occur” said Immigration minister Scott Morrison.  The Nauru detention center and its extreme heat, is(…)


47 people found to be genuine refugees remain imprisoned indefinitely on the basis of politically motivated ’negative’ ASIO security assessments. They include Ranjini and her three children. These refugees have committed no crime, had no trial and face no charges. Many have been imprisoned for over 4 years, the majority suffer from severe mental health(…)