Refugee Action Collective (Vic)

2012 Media Releases

Refugees with adverse ASIO assessments must be immediately released

The Refugee Action Collective welcomes the decision of the High Court ruling invalid the regulation which has allowed the Immigration minister to deny protection visas to refugees based on ‘adverse assessments’ by ASIO. We join the chorus of refugee and human rights advocates calling on the Immigration Minister to immediately release all 54 refugees with(…)

Media Release: Refugee left in limbo attempts suicide in MITA

A Kurdish refugee in his mid-30s attempted suicide at approximately 6.00am at the Melbourne Immigration Transit accommodation centre. He was unsuccessful as he was stopped by his friends and SERCO guards. Fearing for his mental health, SERCO and police officers sent him to a hospital at approximately 6.30am. This attempted suicide is the result of(…)

Media Release: Deported Tamil asylum seeker interrogated for 16 hours

Deported Tamil asylum seeker interrogated for 16 hours then released but still in danger Distraught family members of deported Tamil asylum seeker Mr Dayan Anthony have finally been reunited with him. Anthony was deported on July 25. Anthony was interrogated for 16 hours after being handed over to the Sri Lankan police intelligence unit (CID)(…)