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Boat Tragedies and People Smugglers: the true cost of deterrence

7.45 pm, Wednesday 22 August, Brunswick Library Speakers: Tony Kevin: Author of new book Reluctant Rescuers on ‘border protection’ and A Certain Maritime Incident on SIEV X Robin de Crespigny: Author of The People Smuggler: The Oskar Schindler of Asia As the federal parliament debates the best method to repel refugees, authors Robin de Crespigny(…)

Review of “The People Smuggler” by Robyn De Crespigny

Review by Chris Breen The People Smuggler is the larger than life tale of an Iraqi refugee who becomes a people smuggler in order to save his family. It is a moving story that pierces many of the myths, half truths and outright lies that underlie government policy on refugees in Australia today. It tells(…)

Media Release: Deported Tamil asylum seeker interrogated for 16 hours

Deported Tamil asylum seeker interrogated for 16 hours then released but still in danger Distraught family members of deported Tamil asylum seeker Mr Dayan Anthony have finally been reunited with him. Anthony was deported on July 25. Anthony was interrogated for 16 hours after being handed over to the Sri Lankan police intelligence unit (CID)(…)