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Support the boycott of the Sri Lankan cricket team

Read about why RAC is calling for a boycott: Australia must go in to bat for Tamils, Trevor Grant, The Age, December 11, 2012. Call to boycott Sri Lankan cricket tour, Michael Gordon, The Age, December 10, 2012 Support the boycott of the Sri Lankan cricket team This year, inspired by the spirit of Anti-Apartheid(…)

COMMUNITY PROTEST ACTION Against Offshore Processing – Sun 21 October, 1pm

NO OFFSHORE PROCESSING – Not Nauru, Not Manus Island, Not Malaysia Sunday 21 October  – 1pm at State Library Invite your friends on Facebook Speakers include: Adam Bandt – Greens deputy leader Theo Mackaay –  General Secretary, Victorian Council of Churches Michele O’Neil – State Secretary, Textile Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia Aran(…)

Refugees with adverse ASIO assessments must be immediately released

The Refugee Action Collective welcomes the decision of the High Court ruling invalid the regulation which has allowed the Immigration minister to deny protection visas to refugees based on ‘adverse assessments’ by ASIO. We join the chorus of refugee and human rights advocates calling on the Immigration Minister to immediately release all 54 refugees with(…)