Public Meeting: The Nightmare of Offshore Detention

The Nightmare of Offshore Detention
Forum: 25th November 6:30pm Multicultural Hub – 506 Elizabeth St City, opposite Vic Markets
Aoife Reddy (Former Salvo worker on Nauru)
Mohammad Baqiri (Refugee detained on Nauru under John Howard)
Hayley Byrnes (Former teacher on Manus Island)

Currently asylum-seekers arriving by boat to Australia are processed offshore. As of Friday Oct 20 there were 1061 asylum-seekers on Manus Island, 827 on Nauru and 2211 on Christmas Island. Conditions on Nauru and Manus Island are atrocious and include overcrowding, poor health facilities, high risks of malaria, skin diseases, and the trauma of long periods of detention. Pregnant women are among those on Nauru despite its high temperatures and infant
mortality rate. On Manus Island and Nauru, asylum seekers are living in tents, with little shelter from the heat of 50 degree days. This has led to suicide attempts, asylum-seekers being flown back to Australia for treatment, and tensions between asylum-seekers and guards. Contrary to government rhetoric asylum seekers have been moved to Australia. Offshore processing is necessarily harsh, as it is predicated on deterring asylum seekers. Come along to this meeting to
hear first hand of the conditions inside offshore detention centres, and why we need to end mandatory offshore detention.

For more info contact Eliot on 0413 479 865

Take Action for Refugee Rights – JOIN THE PROTEST Converge on Canberra

Confirmed! Monday 18 November, 11am

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The bus will leave Melbourne at 10pm Sunday 17 November and return to Melbourne by 11.30pm on Monday 18 November. Tix $60 conc. $100 full fare $120 solidarity


The Coalition government have made asylum seekers and refugees their first target. During their first sitting of parliament, refugee supporters from around Australia will converge outside to show them it won’t be tolerated. Be one of them!Give Abbott the welcome he deserves during the opening session of parliament!• Permanent not temporary protection visas
• Close all offshore and onshore detention centres
• Don’t cut the refugee quota
• A fair legal process for all refugee claims
• Right to work for asylum seekers
• Resettle refugees from our region
• No deportations of asylum seekers
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We can beat Abbott and win refugee rights

We can beat Abbott and win refugee rights.pdf

for more detail see also Abbott’s anti-refugee agenda.pdf
Abbott’s election win is a loss for refugees, but overwhelmingly people voted against Labor—not for the Coalition. Adam Bandt for the Greens retained his seat with an 8% swing to him on a pro-refugee platform. Paul Power, of the Refugee Council of Australia said of Abbott’s win, “I’m not convinced that the broader population … is committed to his harder line on refugees. In many ways they [asylum seekers] have become a proxy for other issues like infrastructure and traffic congestion”.

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