1. So Australia wants to send 1250 refugees to the US while the idiot and chief Trump says no. Fact is both Australia and the US are in violation of the Geneva convention and other numerous international conventions. The Americans are out in droves with the Ferderal court system defying their idiot and chiefs executive order. An order which is flawed and possibly not constitutional. Here in Australia we protest the disgraceful treatment of refugees and the use of them as pawns both domestically and now internationally.
    When holocaust victims sought refuge in the US they were turned back to go to their deaths.
    Today in the US and Australia we remember these victims of the holocaust.
    So if this were times of WORLD WAR 2 and this holocaust was occurring , fleeing persecution would we turn them away.
    This is what the people of Syria Iraq Iran Afganistan and other parts are going through. Fleeing persecution the US Britain Right wing Europeans Australians such as Hanson forget history, forget global conventions about decency and humanity and seek to persecute with the falsehood of Nationalism.
    We can make speeches and stand in streets with signs of protest, they as in government will allow this, but will take no notice as they fan the flames with statements about national security.
    Hate creates hate . Firmer action needs to take place for the sake of not only refugees but humanity.

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