Refugee Action Collective (Vic)



  • Don’t Let Iranian Hunger Striker Die Vigil on 15/1/2015 Friday 1pm at Immigration
  • Solidarity With Manus Asylum Seekers on 21/1//2015 Wed 5.30pm State Library
  • One Year Commemoration of Reza Barati’s Death on 17/2/2015 5pm State library
  • Sri Lanka Still Not Safe for Tamils Forum on 23/2/2015 7pm Multicultural hub?
  • Solidarity With Nauru on 6/3/2015 6pm Bourke St Mall
  • Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees on 29/3/2015 1pm
  • Six Hours for Six Years Action on 8/4/2015 12 to 6pm at Immigration
  • Stopping Refugee Deportations Forum & Information Night on 13/4/2015
  • Kids Out Of Detention on 1/5/2015 Fri 10am in Glen Iris
  • Forum with Phil Glendenning on 13/5/2015 Wed 6pm
  • Stop Detention A RAC Meeting With Cambodian Trade Unionist Speaker on 20/5/2015 6pm
  • Rescue and Resettle Rohingyan Refugees 22/5/2015
  • World Refugee Day on 21/6/2015 Sunday
  • Public Forum on Challenging? Labor’s Policy on 24/6/2015
  • How Can We Get Labor to Oppose Offshore Detention? A Forum for Trade Unionists on 29/6/2015
  • Snap Action Broadmeadows Detention Centre on 16/7/2015 6am
  • Protest at ALP National Conference to support fight to overturn Marles’s turnback capitulation 23/7/2015
  • Can Stopping the Boats Lead to Welcoming Refugees on 24/7/2015
  • National Refugee Rights Conference on 25/7/2015 Sun ANMF House
  • Forum on Defying the Border Force Act on 1/9/2015 6pm Multicultural hub
  • Welcome Refugees Now Action on 12/9/2015 Sat 1pm State Library
  • Stand Up for Refugees on 11/10/2015 2pm State Library
  • Snap Action for Abyan on 19/10/2015 4pm at Immigration
  • Speakout for Refugees on 24/10/2015 Sat 1pm? Bourke St Mall
  • Forum on Australia’s Refugee Hypocrisy on 5/11/2015 Thu 6pm Multicultural hub
  • Book Launch on 28/11/2015 Sat 1pm? Multicultural hub
  • Human Rights Day Vigil on 10/12/2015 Thu from 5.30pm City Square