Refugee Action Collective (Vic)

Refugee activists oppose removing human rights from Migration Act; All MPs who support human rights should vote against Gillard’s amendments.

The Refugee Action Collective opposes the proposed changes to the Migration Act by the Labor government and any amendments proposed by the Liberal opposition. It believes all amendments seek to strip any safeguards for human rights and defies international law. The changes proposed by Prime Minster Julia Gillard and Immigration Minister Chris Bowen make Australia’s(…)

Statement: Refugee activists call on pro-refugee Labor MPs to cross the floor

Refugee activists call on pro-refugee Labor MPs to cross the floor The Refugee Action Collective condemns Labor’s plan to try and change the Migration Act to make the Malaysian “solution” lawful in the wake of the High Court victory. We reiterate our demand to end all offshore processing. Asylum seekers should be processed on the(…)

Sep 16 – Rally to Shut Down Serco!

Rally!Shut down Serco! End Mandatory Detention! Free the Refugees! Friday, September 16, 12.30pm Melbourne Serco Offices, corner of Bourke and William Streets, Melbourne. (Meet in the courtyard on the south-east corner) Called by the Refugee Action Collective (Victoria) – Serco is the corporation that makes millions of dollars from locking up asylum seekers under(…)